Astro Weekly #32

Astro comes Together in Montreal, recreating shadcn/ui docs with Starlight, using Outerbase SQLite with Astro

Greetings Astronauts,

As Astro developers finalize travel plans for Astro Together, I’ll be discussing all things Astro at an event a little closer to home in the UK this coming Thursday, at Middlesbrough Front End.

Let’s see what else has been happening in the Astro community recently.

This week in Astro ☄️

The official Astro news desk is light on stories this week; perhaps Fred K. Schott and the team are busy deciding where to go for poutine next week.

Astro comes Together in Montreal 🇨🇦

Astro Together is the first-ever official in-person event to celebrate the Astro project and the people who use it to build the web.

Over 100 Astro developers are expected to join the Astro core team for an evening of talks, community fun, and never-before-seen releases in downtown Montreal on Tuesday, 28 May.

Houston keychain?!

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to register, Astro has teased fresh swag available exclusively at Astro Together.

Are you heading to Astro Together?

Boosters 🚀

The Astro course you need

Build Modern Websites with Astro is a hands-on course to teach you how to build websites using Astro, the all-in-one framework for the modern web.

Taught by James Q Quick, the course covers:

  • Astro components, Integrations, and Islands

  • Routing, Pagination, and SEO

  • Working with Content Collections, Markdown, and TypeScript

  • Server-side Rendering, Authentication, and Databases

  • Form Submissions and API Routes

  • Lots more!

Plus, Astro Weekly subscribers can save 20% with code ASTROWEEKLY20

Astro Community 🧑‍🚀

Recreating shadcn/ui docs with Starlight ⭐️

Building documentation for a library is often time-consuming and frustrating.

However, Starlight makes creating attractive docs incredibly easy, allowing you to focus on your project. In this video, Kyle Cook demonstrates how to make your documentation shine with Starlight.

Out of this world

Using Outerbase SQLite with Astro 🪐

Outerbase is an AI-powered interface for your database that allows you to view, query, and visualize your data using SQL or natural language.

To coincide with the recent launch of the Outerbase SDK, Logan Liffick, has penned a how-to-guide on getting started with Outerbase with Astro.

What else I’ve been reading this week 🤓

Check out these great posts from the Astro Community ↓

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Astro on X 💫

What’s happening on Twitter X this week…

Astro Showcase 🤩

Check out these awesome projects from your fellow Astronauts.

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Beyond the Astrosphere 🪐

What caught my eye outside of Astro this week…

  • CleanShot X — awesome screen capture tool for Mac

  • Popover API — provides developers with a standard mechanism for displaying popover content

  • Franken UI — a framework-agnostic alternative to shadcn/ui

That’s a wrap for this week!

If you’re heading to Astro Together, I wish you a safe journey.

Astro Weekly #33 will be delivered a day later next week to include coverage of all the announcements from the event.

In the meantime, if you have something to share in next week’s issue you can reach me at [email protected] or via DM on X.

Until next time, Astronauts.

Nathan 🧑‍🚀