Astro Weekly #30

Tickets now available for Astro Together, first details on Astro Studio CMS, send in-app notifications with Astro

Greetings Astronauts,

Astro’s first-ever in-person event is now just weeks away. As much as I would love to sample some bonafide poutine, I’ll sadly not be making the 6,216-mile round trip from the UK. Maybe catch you all at the next one.

In the meantime, in today’s newsletter we have details on the first dedicated Astro CMS, sending in-app notifications with Astro, and… TikTok?

Let’s jump in and find out more.

This week in Astro ☄️

Poutine, anyone?

Astro Together tickets are now available 🎟️

Tickets for Astro’s first-ever in-person event are now available. Over 100 Astronauts are expected to gather later this month in Montréal, Québec.

Astro Together promises a night of fun, community-building, and never-before-seen new launches and demos from the Astro core team.

Boosters 🚀

The Astro course you need

Build Modern Websites with Astro is a hands-on course to teach you how to build websites using Astro, the all-in-one framework for the modern web.

Taught by James Q Quick, the course covers:

  • Astro components, Integrations, and Islands

  • Routing, Pagination, and SEO

  • Working with Content Collections, Markdown, and TypeScript

  • Server-side Rendering, Authentication, and Databases

  • Form Submissions and API Routes

  • Lots more!

Plus, Astro Weekly subscribers can save 20% with code ASTROWEEKLY20

Astro Community 🧑‍🚀

Astro has a CMS now?

Astro Studio CMS 📇

Introducing Astro Studio CMS — the dedicated content management system designed exclusively for Astro Studio, crafted from scratch by the collaborative efforts of the Astro community.

Key features of Astro Studio CMS include an enhanced Markdown experience, Shiki-powered syntax highlighting, built-in authentication support, and the Unpic image service for efficiently handling images.

Astro Studio CMS is in beta and should be considered an experimental project.

Send in-app notifications with Astro 🔔

In this tutorial video, you'll discover how to establish an in-app notification feed within an Astro project by leveraging Knock.

In 15 minutes you’ll understand how to configure Knock workflows, incorporate Knock's React components, and initiate notifications from Astro API routes.

What else I’ve been reading this week 🤓

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Astro on X 💫

What’s happening on Twitter X this week…

Astro Showcase 🤩

An astronomical impact

Amid increased scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers, TikTok has publicized its economic impact through a newly commissioned report.

Yet, beyond the staggering sums accumulated from bedroom dance routines, a more captivating story unfolds.

TikTok’s Economic Impact Report 2024 microsite is powered by Astro. Now, it's not just your cat videos reaching for the stars.

Other Astro projects in orbit 🪐

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Beyond the Astrosphere 🪐

What caught my eye outside of Astro this week…

That’s everything for this week, Astronauts.

As ever, if you have something you’d like to share in a future issue, you can reach me at [email protected] or via DM on X.

See you in the next one!

Nathan 🧑‍🚀