Astro Weekly #23

Promote your themes with the Astro Developer Portal, Astro launch week recap, Astro DB resource roundup

Greetings, Astronauts.

As the dust begins to settle on Astro launch week, it’s time for us all to catch our breath. If you’re feeling like you maybe missed one or two announcements, don’t fret. Astro Weekly has your back.

In today’s newsletter I’ll be recapping everything that was announced last week, plus a comprehensive roundup of links on everything Astro DB.

This week in Astro

The most exciting portal since Portal 2

Astro launch Developer Portal 🧑‍🚀

In a surprise announcement, Astro has launched the Astro Developer Portal, a platform where theme authors can submit, manage, and promote their themes built for Astro.

The primary objective of the Astro Developer Portal is to offer a centralized platform empowering theme authors and, eventually, integration builders to efficiently manage their listings within Astro's official directories.

Additionally, the portal serves as a testing ground for the newly introduced Astro Studio. Nothing like checking your work in prod.

Astro 4.5, Astro DB released 🔥

In case you missed it, Astro 4.5 was released last week as well as the highly anticipated Astro DB.

Head over to the official blog for all the details on new features shipping with Astro 4.5, including the first-of-its-kind Dev Audit UI.

For all you database nerds, Astro co-creator Matthew Phillips has published a deep dive that provides greater depth on the technical aspects and decision-making behind Astro DB. For the rest of us, continue reading for a roundup of Astro DB resources from across the community.

Astro Boosters 🚀

Give your Astro project a glow-up

Astro Weekly is brought to you this week with the support of Lexington Themes.

Lexington Themes is a collection of free and premium multipage themes and UI Kits for freelancers, developers, businesses, and personal use. Beautifully crafted with Astro.js, and Tailwind CSS — Simple & easy to customise.

Astro Community 🧑‍🚀

“I’m a rocket man!”

Astro DB community roundup 🛰️

Unsure where to begin with Astro DB? I’ve rounded up a bunch of incredible resources from the Astro community to help get you started!

Astro is going for poutine

You’re invited to the first official Astro meetup 🇨🇦

Astro had one more thing up its sleeve to wrap up launch week.

Save the date, as the Astro core team is heading to Montreal for the first-ever official Astro meetup. Full details are to be announced in due course, but the meetup will take place during the week of May 27-31, 2024.

The excitement for French fries, cheese, and gravy in the Astro Discord got me thinking about local cuisine Astronauts could look forward to for the first official meetup here in the UK. A cheeky Nandos, perhaps?

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Astro on X 💫

What’s happening on Twitter X this week…

Astro Showcase 🤩

Hey, it’s Porsche!

Fast cars need a fast website.

Porsche, renowned for its high-performance and style in automotive engineering, has launched its new website with a tech stack to match.

Under the hood (get it?) the site uses Astro and Vue to deliver speeds as impressive as the Porsche 911. That’s enough car puns for this week.

Other Astro projects in orbit 🪐

More great Astro projects worth checking out! ↓

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Beyond the Astrosphere 🪐

What caught my eye outside of Astro this week…

  • Tailwind Weekly — like Astro Weekly, but for Tailwind

  • Uneed — an alternative ProductHunt launch platform for your products

  • Free Design Stuff — not sure I need to explain this one! Design stuff, for free

Before I sign off for this week, I need to wish Happy Birthday to Astro! 🥳

Our favorite frontend framework turned 3 this week. Roll on the toddler tantrums.

Did you know the initial commit was to a repo named “magicthing”? Renamed to Astro shortly after, the first beta release was on June 8, 2021.

As always, if you have something you’d like to share with your fellow Astronauts, you can reach me at [email protected] or via DM on X.

Have a great week, Astronauts.

Nathan 🧑‍🚀